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I Would Give ANYTHING To Switch Places With This Guy…So Lucky!

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If you”re a cat person, nothing”s sweeter than getting those morning snuggles with your fluff ball. Sometimes, they”re so great that you skip the gym to give your feline child the attention he deserves. But…can you imagine what it”s like to be snuggled by two lions that are exactly your size? It”s like snuggles times infinity!

It”s a people-sized cat hug!


I wish I could do this so badly!

So. Jealous.

So. Jealous.

(source African Dreams)

This guy might actually be the luckiest human ever. These lionesses are just as sweet as (if not sweeter than) a regular house cat! Just maybe have some professional supervision before you go attempting this yourself…

More big cats straight ahead!

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