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Daddy Was Babysitting, But Had To Pull Out His Phone And Film When THIS Happened

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New mother Stacy Ann had to pop out of her house to run errands. In the meantime, she left her husband, Sebastien, in charge of looking after their little princess, Kali. As a new parent, Sebastien constantly films his daughter, wanting to capture every happy moment. When he caught some great footage of little Kali having a good time in her Jolly Jumper, he just knew he had to do something fun with it.

After reviewing the footage, he noticed his daughter had some pretty excellent dance moves. With this realization, Sebastien did what any sane man would and edited the video to create what he called “Kali of the Dance.” Enjoy!

(source Sebastien Hamel)

Mom should leave Daddy alone with their daughter more often. The man has a gift. Kali has quite the gift, too. She clearly has a great dance career ahead of her. Just look at how she nailed the ending!

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