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Make Your Momma LOL This Mother’s Day With These Clever Card Ideas

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Mother”s Day, of all days, should be a ton of fun. You should start the day celebrating all of the hard work your mother put into raising you and apologizing for all the crap you made her put up with. Then you should promptly make up for it all by getting her to smile and laugh, because laughter is the best medicine (but a mid-afternoon Mother”s Day margarita is pretty good medicine too).

So give your mom something to laugh about this Mother”s Day with one of these hilarious, and frighteningly accurate, Mother”s Day cards.

1. It”s your little secret.


2. Fair is fair.

Fair is fair.

3. Because what”s love without hate?

Because what

4. Jeeze mom…

Jeeze mom...

5. Music to your mother”s ears.

Music to your mother

6. That”s the important thing, right?


7. Amen to that.

Amen to that.

8. For a punny Mother”s Day.

For a punny Mother

9. “Da mom.”

10. She may know it, but that doesn”t mean she doesn”t want to hear it.

She may know it, but that doesn

11. If you”re looking for a more eloquent Mother”s Day card…

If you

12. Compliments go a long way…

Compliments go a long way...

13. Therapy is expensive.

Therapy is expensive.

14. A promise is a promise.

A promise is a promise.

15. Who doesn”t love a heartfelt cooking joke?

Who doesn

16. This is a key distinction.

This is a key distinction.

17. The eternal question…

The eternal question...

Cards like these are sure to bring a smile to your mother”s face, and that really is the best Mother”s Day gift you can give.

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