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10 Most Stylish Hollywood Actors

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10 Most Stylish Hollywood ActorsThey are droll, worthy male Hollywood style icons. They are those hunks who like to stand out when they strut down the red carpet at awards shows or movie premieres. They are those badasses who look handsome as hell on the magazine covers like GQ or Esquire. They are those sexy men who are killing the game with their natural charisma and sense of style without even trying. Seriously, I believe they are photoshopped or brought by aliens from Mars to invade the Earth. Anyway, these otherworldly creatures do know how to dress.

Jared LetoJared LetoHe is a dude who does both rock music and acting. Its not a secret that his style evolution knows no boundaries. Letos standout image and constantly evolving fashion habits make his personality even more enchanting. This previously longhaired handsome rebel has an ability to control fashion directions, following and changing them all at once. Even though Jared hasnt passed through his punk-rock chapter, his highlight game and messy bun remains something everyone will always admire. This style chameleon tops the Fashion Most Wanted list while he is rocking leather leggings, fanny pack and everything. Please carry on being an inspiration for us all.

Johnny DeppJohnny DeppHe always manages to have the most eye-stopping look. His style is clever and completely individual. Rolled-up sleeves, oversized dress-shirts, grubby boots instead of sneakers, the neckpiece details like these separate Johnny from the pack and make him stand out. No wonder this charming man has the ability to bring some fashion sense to the table. No matter how hard he tries to distract us from his stunning looks by pretending to be an eccentric owner of a Chocolate Factory or taking on some crazy pirate outfits; in real life Depp combines heavy accessories and worn-in clothing to create his unique, part grunge, part Bohemian looks, and we definitely love it. Hats off.

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