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15 Athletes That Are Broke

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We all know the jocks in high school got the hottest chicks, most friends and were invited to the best parties,etc. The downside is theres a lot attention these guys get once they sign that million-dollar contract that us regular Joes wouldnt wish on our worst enemy. Youve got hangers-on, yes-men, and chicks that may not have your lets say, best interests at heart. The athletes on this list suffered from all of that which contributed to them being broker than a regular Joe. I suppose its better to have had and lost than not at all but some of these broke jokers are hard to feel sorry for. Check out our list of folks currently ordering off the Dollar Menu:

Claudia Jordan

source: (www.theboxhouston.com)

Vince Young Once thought to be a relatively sure bet for stardom, Young never materialized into the quarterback he was in college. He started out well with Tennessee, even gracing the cover of Madden 2008, but then reality set in. He is now retired after failing to catch on to a team. He also made poor decisions financially. As of summer 2014, he was suing his advisors, and other members of his former inner-circle, because he now owes a lot folks a lot of money.

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