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15 Fanatically Awful Sports-Themed Weddings

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Who do you love more: the person that youre with or the team that you root for? Thats a decision that the happy couples on this last had to confront at one point in their lives. Did they choose each other, or did they choose sports? Well, you know where this is going: they chose sports! While we guess its all right to have a little bit of fun with your nuptials, were not convinced the sports belong in the wedding world. Maybe youre not convinced? Then take a look at these 15 fanatically awful sports-themed weddings, and maybe that will change your mind!



1. Better Throw a Strike

Everyone wants to break the mold with wedding photos these days, and its really aggravating. Like, we get it, guys! Youre so whimsical and in love! You guys are so cool! Wow… Anyway, you can add this to your list of awful wedding photos. Here weve got the groom winding up and dealing to the bride, all while a bridesmaid ensures she doesnt get that expensive gown dirty. Give it up, guys. Is it really worth it?

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