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15 Most Ridiculous Sports Team Names

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When youre naming a sports team, you need something catchy and memorable. You need something that will stick in peoples minds, that makes for a good chant, and that will strike fear into the hearts of opponents. There are many sports team names that fit this bill, but there are just as many that do not. Some sports team names that weve uncovered are just downright weird, some are slightly (or totally) offensive, and others are just completely ridiculous. When you get to the end of this list, youll be wondering what these teams were thinking. So, here you go: 15 absolutely ridiculous sports team names!



1. UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs

Heres where you can test your Quentin Tarantino knowledge. In Pulp Fiction, what t-shirt does Vincent wear while he and Jules are waiting to get their car cleaned? Thats right! Its a t-shirt for the UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs. When you saw that t-shirt, its possible that you mightve thought that team name was a joke. But, its not. Theyre really called the Banana Slugs. How about that?

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