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15 Shocking Sports Figures and Their Celebrity Doppelgangers

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Right now, there is someone walking around the world that looks exactly like you. They could be anywhere and doing anything. That person is your doppelganger. Everyone has them, even those who play or are involved with professional sports. In some cases, the doppelganger might actually be quite flattering, in other cases it will highlight some of the not-as-flattering qualities of the sports figure in question. Have you always felt that you knew the doppelganger for one of your favorite professional athletes or coaches? Well, why dont you take a spin through this list to see if your doppelganger made the cut!



1. Marshawn Lynch / The Predator

Why didnt they just hand it off to Marshawn? I feel like we keep harping on this point, but seriously… I mean, the man has an uncanny ability to sneak around opposing defenseman, almost as if hes invisible. With those dreadlocks flowing out behind his helmet and that seeming invisibility, its almost possible that you might think Beast Mode over here looks like The Predator.

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