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7 Popular Tattoo Trends for Girls

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7 Popular Tattoo Trends for GirlsIt is so difficult to be in style all the time with fashion changing every day. There are some trends that never lose their popularity. Of course I am talking about tattoos! But, tattooing is not only a fashion statement! It is passion, expression, confession, compulsion, obsession and others -sions) only with positive meaning. It’s a bold and stylish way to demonstrate your individuality, to mark your creed, to stamp your beliefs for all to see.
Still, there are trends in tattoo fashion as well. Let’s find out what are the latest and the most fabulous styles in the tattoo world.




1. Finger tattoos
1. Finger tattoosA small tattoo attracts attention no less than a larger tattoo that is especially immediate of interest for girls. Finger tattoos look fricky and exotic. It is a vibrancy of its own! It’s a true art that recently became a trend. Celebrities picked up this trend with great pleasure. Now finger tattoos adorn Beyonce, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and many other famous ladies. A tattoo actually so fun to have! By the way, you can start your tattoo experience with finger tattoos, as long as it doesn’t attract a lot of attention and they look so darn classy.
There’s a lot of room for imagination here – lines, bizzare symbols, infinity signs, simple letters or words, cute tiny portraits, nice patterns… Finger tattoos are easy to get creative with; simply think of a concept and rush to your tat master. By the way, you should be careful choosing an ink slinger, as tattoo on fingers loose color really quickly, because you’re always doing something with your hands. So think of artwork that can be easily amplified (re-drawn) later. If you decide to apply a finger tattoo better choose bold patterns and black or dark blue colors.


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