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8 Gorgeous Plus Size Models

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8 Gorgeous Plus Size ModelsOut of all the newish fashion trends the plus-size is the most sensational one. The first-rated fashion houses all over the world refill their modeling families with gorgeous plus-size girls. More and more fashion editorials and brands expand to include larger sizes. The high-profile ad campaigns cant stop to highlight the exquisite beauty of voluptuous bodies. Instagram plus-size hashtags and accounts go viral. The beauty bloggers and critics discuss the pros and cons of full-figured beauty. In a word, the plus-size trend has revolutionized the modeling industry with her long-standing standards of body type.
Nevertheless the plus-size is still a loaded term and causes a stir at every turn. So while everyone all over the web is trying to offer up an opinion on the genetically gifted bodies, missing the thought and stories of the models themselves. These are must-know names of the plus-size modeling world. They really have a lot for you to know.

Kate UptonKate Upton
The things that theyre rejecting are things that I cant change. I cant change my bra size. Theyre natural! I can work out and I can stay healthy and motivated, but I cant change some things. I really just live my life. I love my body. Its what God gave me!
This outsized diva has skyrocketed to fame in the fashion world owing to her outstanding shape. She never dreamed she would be high fashion model and one of most talked about personalities all over the world. After her debut in Sports Illustrated she had the extended-size monopoly featuring the 10-size swimwear. She smiled from the covers of fashion magazines showing off her sun-kissed skin and beach curls. Kate is pretty sure that there is no reason to hide the curves. Being plus-sized is a reason to flaunt this fact. Thats why she is blatantly upfront about her body. She keeps the meal plan under control and works out hard at the gym. The full-figured bombshell admits it was hard for her to conceive so many negative statements and non-stop questions like Is she really so fat? Now shes learned to ignored the critics and just enjoy. And you know what? Were happy she can.

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