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15 Best Villains in Pro Wrestling History

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Pro wrestling is just one of those things that everyones come into contact with at one point or another. Some people are hardcore devotees of the sport, and others may have liked it when they were younger or were siblings with someone who did. While you may not care for pro wrestling personally, there can be no doubt that the sport is amazing at crafting strange personalities. Sure, the audience may root for the heroes, but its always the villains (or the heels, in wrestling parlance) who are the most interesting. Who are the best of all time? Heres our opinion.



1. Hollywood Hulk Hogan

Depending on where your interest in pro wrestling began and ended, you may only know Hulk Hogan as one pro wrestlings protagonists. But, Hulk and his Hulkamania left the sport for a time, only to come back at later date. When he did, though, he wasnt the same Hulk Hogan that people remember. Instead, he was the narcissistic Hollywood Hulk Hogan, a member of the New World Order. Thats called changing sides, brother!

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