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15 Reasons To Hate Floyd Mayweather

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So, theres this big match coming up in the boxing world thats got everyone in a tizzy. Even if youre not a fan of the sport, you probably havent been able to avoid coverage of it on ESPN its the match between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. The primary reason that everyone is so turnt up for this boxing match has to do with Floyd Mayweather and what a colossal jerk he is. If youre not familiar with his history, then you may not be aware of all the reasons people have to hate him. For your benefit, were going to review those reasons.



1. Supreme Arrogance

For starters, Floyd Mayweather happens to be one of the biggest egoists in all of sports. This guy is seriously full of himself, and he believes that he is Gods gift to whomever he happens to come in contact with. If you dont believe us, just plug his name into Google, and youll see. Just read a few quotes from him, or better yet take a look at any of his social media accounts. That should get your blood boiling.

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