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Guide to the Perfect Eyebrows

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Guide to the Perfect EyebrowsLet’s start with the truth: nobody has perfect eyebrows. They require your occasional attention and treatment. Also, your eyebrows should complement the features of your face. If you treat and shape them right, they will make your eyes look bigger, wider and brighter and slim the face. But shaping your eyebrows wrong can make you appear older and unapproachable.

You can surely visit beauty salons and let the professionals do their job, but how about getting some experience which will help you to create the desirable shape by yourself?
Shaping your eyebrows is a significant part in framing the whole face. You can’t just duplicate another person’s look; the right eyebrow shape for you depends on your facial structure alone. Here are the most interesting and simple ways to define the shape of your eyebrows, apply the mascara and achieve an awesome look.




Guide to the Perfect EyebrowsGetting the right shape of your eyebrows is a long process. Start with defining the shape according to your face. The red lines in the picture show where to define the angles, the beginning and the end of you brows. For more details follow the next step-by-step tutorial.




Guide to the Perfect Eyebrows1) Brush your eyebrows. You should always pay attention to their natural growth direction!
2) Take a pencil and hold it vertically from the nostril to the inner corner of the eyebrow.
3) Define the right length of your brows by placing a pencil diagonally from the base of the nose to the outer corner of your eye. The brow should end where the pencil and your brow meet.
4) Define the right place for the arch (the peak of your brow). Here you need to hold the pencil vertically from the outer iris. Now you can remove some hair from underneath to enhance the arch.

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