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Pet Owners Beware: This Killer Is Probably Hiding In Your Own Home Right Now

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Most dog owners have the basic idea of things you can”t let your four-legged friend consume, even if they are super adorable when they beg for a bite of that chocolate bar. But one ingredient found in several ordinary household items, sadly, cost this family their pup.

Xylitol is a low-calorie sugar substitute often used to sweeten common items. Everything from candy to toothpaste can contain xylitol, and while it”s perfectly harmless to humans, it is seriously deadly for dogs. This family is still mourning the loss of their beloved dog, Luna, but they hope their story can help save other pets from the same fate.

This video explains how a simple pack of gum could cause so much heartbreak:

(via KARE 11, Little Things)

Be sure to check the items in your house and keep anything containing xylitol well out of your pooch”s reach. The silly sweethearts just don”t know what”s bad for them, especially when it comes to searching for a sweet treat.

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