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15 Worst WTF Athlete Endorsements of ALL Time

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With the Super Bowl Sunday upon us, lets take a moment to remember some really strange athletic endorsements over the last twenty years or so. Nowadays, athletes and there brands typically go together like hand-in-glove; Brett Favre sells Wranglers and Kevin Durant sells shoes. Weve got a collection of what-the-heck endorsements that are plain creepy, poorly conceived, ironic or just bad. Weve got sexy energy drinks, three types of meat products, as well as some some granite tile run out by some of the biggest names in the NFL, MLB, and NBA. Let us know what you think.

source: (www.hiphopwired.com)

source: (www.hiphopwired.com)

Lamar Odom pitching cologne While the cologne was named Unbreakable which was to signify Odom (an NBA star) and his wife Khloe Kardashians marriage bond, this was a bad look. Not too many couples put a cologne outa unisex fragranceand these two got divorced and Odom may or may not have had a substance abuse problem. Unbreakable, my foot. Kardashian has been reportedly dating rapper French Montana.

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