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15 Of The Hottest College Volleyball Players

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Its really hard to understand why womens college volleyball isnt a more popular sport. Its highly competitive, the women who play it are attractive and in peak physical condition, and sometimes it happens on a beach with bikinis. If you ask us, thats a recipe for success for any kind of entertainment event, sporting or otherwise. Also, there are those shorts! In order to do our part for attracting the level of attention and interest that womens college volleyball deserves, we decided to highlight 15 women who we think are the hottest playing the sport. Maybe after you make it to the end, youll start checking out those volleyball games on campus? We hope so.



1. Genevieve Pirotte

Genevieve has proven to be quite the star for the Arizona State Sun Devils. When she decided to remain in her home state to attend college, the Athletic Department at Arizona State must have been thrilled! You know who else was thrilled? All of the men attending the college. While we cant say for certain, were willing to be that the womens home volleyball matches have seen a sharp uptick in attendance.

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