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This Doggie Car Wash Is Everything You Need To Keep Your Pooch Clean

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With all the fun summer provides for you and your pup, hitting up dog parks or just hanging out in the backyard, it doesn”t take long for your four-legged friend to accumulate quite a mess in their fur. It”s almost like each fluffy fiber is a magnet for dirt, which of course can wreak havoc on your home when it”s time to go back inside for some A/C.

You could try to toss them in the tub for a good soak, but most pups I know tend to not love bath time. This simple yet genius product can help you get them squeaky clean before they even step in the house!

Connect it to any average water hose and voila: all that icky grime is gone in no time!

Connect it to any average water hose and voilà: all that icky grime is gone in no time!

Watch the video for more information:

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That definitely looks way more fun than struggling with a rowdy pup in a tub. You could even use it just to cool them down a bit while they”re out having fun in the sun!

Here is how other pups are keeping cool this summer!

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