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When The Music Started Playing, This Adorable Little Girl Did Something That Made Me Tear Up

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Home of the Innocents is a nonprofit organization in Louisville, Kentucky, treating children with a variety of medical and social issues. Two-year-old Nathaly Hernandez has been a patient with the organization since birth; she has a rare congenital condition that impacts her joints and movement.

Regardless of Nathaly”s debilitating condition, the adorable toddler loves to dance and move to music. Her teenage roommate at the organization”s home loves Miley Cyrus and often plays “Wrecking Ball” in her room. Nathaly seems to share her friend”s love of Miley, as she sings along whenever the song plays. Her gestures are so full of emotion when she lip-syncs to the song that the staff decided to film the little performer in action and share the video with her parents. Nathaly”s parents were so proud of their daughter that they decided to share her talent with the world.

Watch Nathaly”s adorable performance below, which will hit you in the gut with more force than a wrecking ball.

(source homeoftheinnocents)

American Idol judges always tell contestants that they need to feel and show more emotion with their song choices. Nathaly obviously has all of that…and more! She is in it to win it, or at least to win our hearts with her talent and strength to persevere.

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