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When This Cat Grooms His Brother, Things Take A Hilariously Tasty Turn

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Many siblings have a weird love-hate relationship. If you think that only applies to humans, you couldn”t be more wrong.

Case in point: Exotic Shorthair Persian cat brothers Seamus and Angus are a double dose of adorable, orange fluff. Their cute bond is on full display as they enjoy a nice cuddle session, curled up as close as can be…that is, until things take a hilarious turn.

While giving his brother a bath, one seems to decide his bro would make a much better snack and starts vigorously nomming away on his face…

This was either a perfectly planned sneak attack or a hysterical case of spontaneity. I”m not sure if he just found a particularly tasty patch of fur or if there”s actually a purpose to his toothy tendency.

Either way, you can check out more clips from these cuties over on their YouTube page.

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