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10 Athletes Who Are Ridiculously Well Paid

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Tiger Woods


The worlds greatest golfer was once flirting (pun intended) with losing all his sponsors after a filthy public divorce that was front page news for the better part of a year. Cheating on his wife with a bunch of pornstars should’ve cost him all his endorsement dollars, but that wasn’t the case. While he has never again gained the form he had in the first 15 years of his career, he’s still a very bankable athlete to have on a brands roster.

In 2014 he banked in a whopping $55 million in endorsements and appearance fees. Nike was a big part to thank for that and even though he lost sponsorships with Gatorade, Gillette, AT&T and EA Sports years ago, he seems to be doing alright.

Total 2014 earnings: $61.2 Million (Forbes)

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