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When A Whitney Houston Song Comes On, This Dog Gives An Epic Performance

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Move over, Lassie! There”s a new dog in town!

A pet owner recently stepped onto the stage of Belgium”s Got Talent with Lady Xena, his best canine friend. However, it was not his own talent that he came to show off, but that of his singing pooch. The duo”s performance got off with a bit of a shaky start during the rather unusual rendition of Whitney Houston”s “I Will Always Love You.” It was less than a minute into the song when Lady Xena stepped up her game and won both the audience and the judges over with her diva-esque singing of the song”s epic chorus. This pooch proved to everyone that she has some serious vocal chops.

(source VTM)

I”m not ashamed to say that Lady Xena sings better than I ever could. I”m also not ashamed to say that I was actually moved by her beautiful voice. I certainly can”t wait until her first album comes out!

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