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He Was Walking In The Woods When He Heard Yelling, He Followed It And Found Something Too Creepy

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If you were walking through the forest alone and heard yelling, what would you do? Some of us would turn and run, which, from a self preservation standpoint, is solid logic. On the other hand, some might say you have a moral obligation to help your fellow humans when they”re in trouble.

So let”s say you decide to be a good person and go to help those in need. As you approach the source of the yelling, you never know what you”ll see. Hopefully it”s something you can handle and not an axe murderer or a bear. But what happens if you follow the yelling only to find that there”s no one there. Instead of someone in distress, you find something creepy you can”t explain.

YouTuber drumr828 documented this exact scenario the other day when he was walking in the woods. It”s pretty darn freaky, to say the least.

(source: YouTube)

According to commenters, the pyramid and crystals might be part of some new-age ritual designed to attract good spirits/vibrations to the area. Still, I can”t help feeling creeped out by it. Why would you just leave that in the middle of a forest? Feels like a horror movie if you ask me.

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