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Her Car Was Running A Little Slow, But She Never Expected This Under The Hood

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A resident of the Cotswolds in the U.K. found that no matter what she did, her car would simply not drive over 40 miles per hour. It was a Honda Civic and a relatively new model, so she was stumped as to why it would not exceed that speed. To find out more, she took it to a garage in the hopes the mechanics could get to the bottom of it. They did, but what held the car back was truly unexpected.

In fact, you could say it was nuts.

Yes, we meant that literally. The car”s engine was packed full of nuts by an enterprising squirrel. When mechanic and garage-owner David Evans opened the hood, he saw that every crevice was being used for nut storage.

“I”ve been doing this job for 18 years and I”ve never seen anything like it,” he said. “I couldn”t believe it.”

(via Metro)

Evans was able to figure out that the squirrel was climbing into the engine bay at night to stockpile nuts. The nuts were removed, and the car was able to reach speeds past 40 mph once again. No word on if the squirrel got its nuts back, but if it was able to horde this many, it”s probably going to be fine.

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