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How This Blogger Reimagined The United States Is Perfect…And Delicious

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The creator of food blog Foodiggity tells the tale of the origin of the Foodnited States. It didn”t begin with a war for independence. Instead, it started with an innocent question from an eight-year-old:

“Dad…what if you made states, but like, they were made of food, like?…what if they, like, had funny names like New Pork or New Jerky, like?”

And so began the ongoing series The Foodnited States of America. The series sees various foodstuffs shaped into different U.S. states, with each food serving as a play on the name of that state. The food isn”t always reflective of that state”s culture, but there”s often a happy coincidence.

Saying this out loud is not easy.

(This is one of those perfect matchups.)

Chris, the Foodiggity blogger, is currently at the halfway mark in his ongoing project. You can see the growing collection on Instagram and Facebook. If you have a food-and-state pun, Chris is also accepting suggestions. You can check out more food-related articles on his blog.

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