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Irish Mother Left Speechless As Son Surprises Her By Rising Out Of The Icy Sea.

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Stephen “Jimmy” Nolan told his mother he was not going to make it home to Ireland for a family wedding. Little did she know this wasn”t true, and that Jimmy already planned his surprise return.

Jimmy lived and worked in Australia for many years, so he wanted to do something special to surprise his mother. He got his sister Nicola to take their mother to the beach. It was there when Jimmy”s mother watched a video of Jimmy jokingly saying that maybe if he started swimming from Australia, he might make it home in time. As she looked up from the video, she saw something in the distance. She realized after a moment it was her son, appearing out of the ice-cold sea after “[swimming] from Australia.”

(Source: MsNicolanolan)

What an adorable reunion. I bet the mother never expected that to happen.

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