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This Medical Dummy Simulates A Dying Patient And It Will Haunt Your Dreams

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When it comes to training new doctors, the more practice they get, the better. However, new doctors are sometimes hampered by a lack of patients to practice on. It”s generally frowned upon to start cutting healthy people open to try a new surgical technique. This dilemma has given rise to synthetic cadavers. These cadavers are essentially complicated, anatomically correct dummies made to help medical students practice their technique.

Earlier generations of artificial cadavers looked pretty scary, but they”re even more sophisticated these days. Thanks to new technology, the latest generation of synthetic patients can be programmed to suffer from certain diseases or injuries and then act accordingly. They”re more than a little disturbing. The synthetic cadaver in the video below is programmed to simulate a fatal injury.

(source: YouTube)

I know I”m going to have nightmares about this later. Just imagine being alone in a hospital late at night practicing on one of these things. I”d be afraid to even blink. What if it decided to come to life and strangle me?

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