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What A Protective Yorkie Did To A Baby Left My Heart In A Huge Puddle On The Ground

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Being an older sibling comes with a lot of responsibility and, according to this pup, that fact doesn”t change if you happen to be a little furrier than the average sib.

When her owners noticed Misty, an adorable Yorkie, paying extra close attention to her napping baby brother, they grabbed a camera and captured even more cuteness than they expected.

Is she trying to wake him up?

Is she trying to wake him up?

Nope, she”s making sure he”s tucked in!

Nope, she

Still not quite there…

Still not quite there...

Aaand, perfect!

Aaand, perfect!

You can watch all the adorableness in the clip below:

(via Misty Gunther)

I can”t believe the little guy stayed knocked out the whole time! This family is clearly blessed with two perfect cuties.

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