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When An Orangutan Adopts Some Unlikely Babies, A Cuteness Explosion Occurs

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Monkey see, monkey do, right?

When this orangutan saw how the humans took care of a litter of tiger cubs, he thought that maybe he would make an even better father figure. He is, after all, covered in fur, like the babies…what other similarity do you need?

Like all the best dads, he”s caring…

Like all the best dads, he



And willing to be a living jungle gym!

And willing to be a living jungle gym!

Watch the adorableness unfold:

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Posted by Discovery Family Daytime on Wednesday, May 6, 2015

(source Discovery Family Daytime)

It”s almost too much cuteness to deal with! These little cubs are lucky to have someone so dedicated to giving them constant top-notch attention. It might get confusing when he starts to teach them how to do things that involve opposable thumbs (and bananas)…but I”m sure they”re going to grow up to be very well-rounded cubs!

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