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11 Spooky Signs That You Are Probably Living in a Haunted House.

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A lot of people visit allegedly haunted houses for a cheap thrill. They don”t take it seriously and leave comforted in the fact that they don”t have to deal with living in a haunted house. For other people, though, a grim fact of life is that they are living in a house that is also inhabited by spirits. (Although, some reportedly like their otherworldly guests.)

If you are suspicious that your house is haunted, these are the tell-tale signs that you are 100% correct.

1. Lights going on and off.

Lights going on and off.

Did you switch the light off? No? Well then guess what, it was a ghost. That”s probably the #1 sign that you have a haunted house. Ghosts like to see you save on your electric bill, they are very environmentally friendly.

2. Feelings of being touched.

Feelings of being touched.

Some people feel something brush past them, something touching their hair or “a hand” on the shoulder. Some feel a gentle poke, push or nudge. Either way, if you don”t have an invited guest in your house, you may have an uninvited one. Ghost or no ghost, an uninvited guest in your home is usually not good.

3. Unexplained shadows.

Unexplained shadows.

If you”ve ever been up late at night and catch a weird shadowy movement out of the corner of you eye, you probably have a ghost roommate moving around your house. If there is no other explanation, the ONLY explanation = ghost.

4. Feelings of being watched.

Feelings of being watched.

You lay your head down to sleep at night, you drift off into your thoughts and just as you”re about to lull off into slumber, you feel a presence around you. You can”t explain it, it”s like a Spider-sense type of thing. You open your eyes only to see that nothing is there. But there is something there. A ghost.

5. Doors opening and closing.

Doors opening and closing.

You”re alone in your house, you hear your door creaking. You look over at your door and it isn”t your roommate coming in to tell you to do the dishes, it”s just nothingness. Something has to be moving your door, right? Yea you are right, it”s a ghost.

6. Unexplainable smells around the house.

Unexplainable smells around the house.

Ghosts smell. In some cases they smell like a cologne or perfume that you don”t own and other times they smell like straight up doo-doo. Thing is, you don”t have that perfume and you didn”t just go doodie, so you know who probably did? The ghost that is haunting your house.

7. Unexplained noises.

Unexplained noises.

If you”ve been hearing things like door knocks only to answer the door and find that no one is there, you are probably dealing with a pretty legitimate haunting. Some people hear the ghosts talking to them or rattling things around in their house.

8. Cold spots or hot spots.

Cold spots or hot spots.

A difference in temperature in a certain spot in a room is strong evidence of a haunting. Ghosts prefer it to be either very cold or very hot sources say.

9. Cries or whimpers.

Cries or whimpers.

On occasion, muffled voices, whispering and crying can be heard. Sometimes it”s music from some unknown source. People hear their names being said. This phenomenon, as is true for the one above, gains more credibility if more than one person hears or sees the same thing at the same time.

10. Moving or levitating objects.

Moving or levitating objects.

If you”re sitting at the dinner table and your plate starts to levitate in front of your face there is probably a ghost in your house. A hungry ghost at that.

11. Seeing a ghost.

Seeing a ghost.

Oh so you say you”ve seen a ghost in your house? That”s probably the most concrete evidence. My advice to you, GET OUT OF THAT HOUSE, IT IS HAUNTED!

If all of these things sound familiar (or maybe just some of them), your house is probably haunted. Make it an attraction and make some money off of it. Or move out and go find a ghost-free house to live in.

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