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13 Ways Justin Bieber Fell From Grace

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We all remember the fourteen year old sweet faced Justin Bieber that took over the airwaves in 2008. And it wasnt just his great singing voice that made him an instant icon, but his hairstyle was a force to be reckoned with for young boys everywhere. A true teen idol, young girls flocked to catch a glimpse of the young star with his pearly white, innocent smile. If we had a crystal ball that showed us what the little cherub would look like, and act live, in 2013, we would never believe it. Pants hanging off his butt, underwear showing, tattoos, shirtless, and a gas mask? It seems when Bieber lost his side swept bangs, he lost his innocence. It all began with him flipping off the paparazzi and escalated to rebellious teen stunts such as peeing in a mop bucket, puking and fainting on stage and run-ins with the police for speeding. Here are just 13 ways that Justin Bieber fell from Grace.


Flipping off the paparazzi

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