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These Awesome Sisters Just Gave The Bride And Groom The Best Surprise Ever

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There’s a very simple formula for giving a great wedding toast. You say how you met the bride or groom, you talk about an embarrassing time you had together, and then you wrap it all up by talking about how much you love them. It’s relatively simple, but it’s also very easy to mess up. That’s especially true if you break the traditional mold.

But with enough planning, it can be done! Just watch these sisters toast the bride and groom in the least traditional (and most hilarious) way possible.

Greatest wedding toast of all time! from Chair7 Films on Vimeo.

(via Vimeo)

Now that’s a toast! I’m sure the happy couple enjoyed it very much. Maybe these two can just speak at all of the couple’s forthcoming events. Can you image what they’d come up with for a baby shower? I’m sure it’d be comedic gold.

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