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Cheerful Florida Police Officers Surprise Family With Christmas Tree

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A lucky Florida family will have a Christmas this year, with all the bells and whistles, thanks to the generosity of two local police officers.

Officers Barry Ward and Terrence Paramore of Boynton Beach responded to a hangup 911 call at a local home. When they arrived at the home, occupied by a single mother, her brother, and two children, the officers discovered there was no emergency. The call was just the younger child, a 2-year-old, playing with the phone.

Upon first glance, there was also no signs of any Christmas cheer in the home. The two officers went to a local Home Depot and bought a live tree for the family. They also purchased all the decorations for it, including lights, a stand, and more.

(Source: BBPD Media Relations)

This has to be the nicest and most genuine thing I”ve seen all month. What an awesome pair of policemen.

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