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Ever Wonder What The ‘Friends’ Theme Song Would Be Like With Puppies? Here You Go

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It’s not a stretch to say Hollywood seems to be running out of original ideas lately. Instead of generating new material, our TV screens and movie theaters keep getting filled with more and more remakes of past hits. Honestly, how many times do we have to see Spider-Man’s origin story?

But while most of those updated classics probably should have left well enough alone, we have to say we’re big fans of this adorable new version of the Friends opening credits. The iconic TV show has never looked so cute!

Sorry, Joey, but you just can’t hold a candle to these fuzzy little faces.

Sorry, Joey, but you just can't hold a candle to these fuzzy little faces.

Watch the whole hilarious clip here:


Who do we have to call to get this on the air in time for the fall lineup? These puppies have serious star power!

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