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15 Pictures of Animals Giving

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How many times have you been sitting on your couch and you look over to see your pet giving you the meanest mean side-eye? What did you do to deserve this? (Probably nothing. Just existing.)

Sometimes, our pets are the sassiest members of the household – sometimes so sassy that they reach Mean Girls-level attitude. These animals match up ridiculously well with some of the sass Regina George, Cady Heron, and Gretchen Wieners dish out.

1. “You can”t sit (on your own bed) with us.”

"You can

2. “You know what? It”s not my fault you”re like, in love with me, or something!”

"You know what? It

3. “On Wednesdays, we wear white seal costumes.”

4. “Is kibble a carb?”

5. “That is the ugliest collar I have ever seen.”

6. “I”m sorry that people are so jealous of me…


But I can”t help it that I”m so popular.”



“Put that coffee down and go home.”

8. “Boo, you human.”

9. Ever walked up to your cats and realized they were just talking about you?

Ever walked up to your cats and realized they were just talking about you?

10. “Love ya!”

11. “You made me like this.”

12. “Stop trying to make fetch happen.”

13. “It”s NOT going to happen,”


14. “Because it”s already a thing.”

"Because it

“I”ll tutor you on fetch, if you want to get together after school or something, otherwise…”

15. “GO HOME.”

So, don”t mess with your pet, or else they might switch your Slim-Fast bars with candy bars, and the only pants you”ll be able to fit into will be your sweatpants (which they”ll claw or chew holes in). Those pet pranks can make life worse than high school.

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