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This Baby Is Taught A Tough Life Lesson From The World’s Most Adorable Thief

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It”s true what they say: you really do have to learn some life lessons the hard way. That doesn”t mean they can”t also be adorable.

This baby learned very early on that no matter how fluffy a friend is, they may not actually be your friend. Some just use you for what you possess until you don”t have anything for them anymore.

That”s when they turn on you and find another cracker source…

Sure…it”s all roses now, but…


Yes, that bunny stole your cracker.

Yes, that bunny stole your cracker.

…And he”s not going to bring it back.

...And he

Also, he wants nothing to do with you if you don”t have any more crackers.

Also, he wants nothing to do with you if you don

Count yourself as a graduate of the School of Hard Knocks, kid.

(source TexasGirly1979)

At least it looks like he”s taking the lesson with a grin on his face. I mean, the bunny is pretty adorable, and I”m sure the baby”s mother gave him plenty more crackers. Either way, this is one of the silliest things I”ve seen in a while! Sneaky bunny.

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