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He Began Saying His Wedding Vows, But Stopped To Do The Most Precious Thing

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Weddings are special moments in anyone”s life. It”s the moment a couple declares to their friends and family just how much they love and mean to each other. It”s also when they exchange vows with one another, an integral part of any wedding ceremony.

When Brian and Whitney from North Carolina were looking for a place to get married, they came across Shore Lodge in the mountains of McCall, Idaho. They instantly knew it was the perfect place to express their feelings to one another. As you can see in this video, they were right. There were many heartfelt moments during their wedding, like their incredibly sweet notes and vows.

However, nothing came close to the moment when Brian turned to his little stepdaughter Brielle (affectionately known as Breezy) and said the most amazing thing. If this doesn”t bring you to tears, nothing will.

(source PenWeddings)

Now that is how you film a wedding video. It was brilliantly shot, and you can just tell how loving this little family is. I probably looked rather silly with the massive smile I had on my face while watching it, all while tearing up. It”s just that beautiful.

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