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10 Odd Facts You Didn’t Know About The Creepiest Creature In The Deep: The Octopus

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Octopuses are really incredible. As sea-dwelling invertebrates, you”d think that they”d be different from us in every single way. In some ways they are very different, but you”ll be surprised to learn these 10 amazing facts about these eight-armed creatures.

1. They”re super smart.


Octopuses can solve puzzles, recognize human faces, open childproof medicine bottles, navigate mazes, and when they get bored, they keep themselves busy by inventing simple games!

2. They”re basically squishy Houdinis.


They have the ability to escape from almost anywhere. They can squeeze through holes, undo locks and latches, and untie knots.

3. They”re pro fort builders.


They need a new home every day, and find shells, discarded bottles, or anything else they come across. As long as it”s just slightly bigger than they are, they”ll make it their home. Then they wait to attack their prey.

4. They keep their temporary homes very tidy.

They keep their temporary homes <em>very</em> tidy.

Scientists have learned to spot octopus homes by piles of debris from all the cleaning they do right outside the entrances. Females also lay their eggs kind of like the way we hang twinkle lights – very stylish.

5. They can walk and run…

They can walk and run...

Even on dry land. Just ask researchers, who have to chase these guys all over the lab like skittish cats.

6. They”ll disappear right before your eyes.


In 0.3 seconds, to be exact. They can change their color, texture, and shape to match their surroundings. As if that camouflage wasn”t enough, they”ll cast a pseudomorph, which is basically like a smoke bomb consisting of ink and mucus that irritates and distracts predators to allow for a stealthy escape.

7. They can do impressions, too.

8. They may look pretty, but they can take on sharks.

They may look pretty, but they can take on sharks.

Not only that, but they”ll rip the lethal stingers of a Portuguese man-of-war clean off, using them as their own weapon. That is some next level stuff. Smart…but also entirely terrifying.

9. They don”t need utensils.

They don

They”ve got a sharp beak and a toothed ribbon called a radula, so when their strong arms aren”t enough to open a clam, they drill a hole in its shell, stun it with poison, and the clam opens right up. Dinner”s served!

10. They can have sex with their mate from the house next door.

They can have sex with their mate from the house next door.

Yep, the male”s sex organ is located at the end of one of his arms, so he doesn”t have to leave the house to procreate if he doesn”t want to…and if the young lady lives nearby.

(via Mental Floss)

I don”t know if I should be amazed, shocked, impressed, terrified, or all of the above. All I know for sure is that I have 10 more reasons to stay far, far away from the ocean at all costs. These guys are sneaky-smart, and I want to admire their beauty and awesomeness from great distances.

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