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If You Think WWE Wrestling Is Silly, You Need To See This Inspiring Video

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I grew up watching professional wrestling, as did many of my friends. It was always exciting to see huge, hulking men running at each other and doing some of the most insane stunts on TV. It was intense, fierce, and also funny. Our parents never understood it and dismissed it as silly.

Eventually, we all slowly phased it out of our lives and went to college, got jobs, and moved on. My friends and I sometimes think back to the days of watching wrestling, though some people still mock us for watching it altogether. However, people can”t deny how the WWE takes care of their fans and provides feel-good stories when they are needed most.

Take this story of Connor Michalek, for example. Connor was sick with Medulloblastoma, a rare tumor that affects the brain and spinal cord. Connor wanted to meet his favorite WWE superstars, and was able to do a lot more than that.

The next time someone pokes fun at you for being a wrestling fan, walk with your head held high and with a sense of pride. Being a wrestling fan means you support things like Connor”s Cure. Wrestling brings people hope and helps people achieve their dreams. Why would anyone hate that?

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