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What Gave This Silly Cat Such A Big Surprise Will Have You On The Floor Laughing

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Getting your daily dose of vegetables can sometimes be a huge chore…but it shouldn”t be a particularly frightening experience. I mean, I don”t know what the stigma with broccoli is all about — they”re essentially yummy, tiny trees! Either way, I guess that when one sneaks up on you from behind…that”s a whole different story!

Minding his own business, as usual…

Minding his own business, as usual...

Wasn”t expecting that…

(source DOKI DOKI)

Okay, to be fair, that cucumber was being quite stealthy and ninja-like. But, on the other hand, vegetables are inanimate objects…so…I”m not sure who to side with here.

Can”t get enough cats?

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