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This Mama Polar Bear Accidentally Filmed Her Baby’s First Steps – Dawww!

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When we’re little, our parents seem obsessed with putting their cameras in our faces to capture every tiny, adorable moment as we grow up. It’s a time-honored tradition, passed down from generation to generation since cavemen first began making their little cave babies sit still for charcoal portraits on the wall even though they would have much rather been out playing with the pet pterodactyl.

And apparently, we aren’t the only ones who like to record our youngsters’ milestones. When this mama polar bear found a GoPro camera lying out in the snow, she managed to point the lens perfectly on her sweet cub making his first steps outside their den.

“I guess this isn’t so scary…”

"I guess this isn't so scary..."

“Slow down, Mom! I still have short legs!”

"Slow down, Mom! I still have short legs!"

Watch the whole incredible clip here:


Of course, the whole thing is just a big coincidence and luck, but at moments it really does seem like she knows what she’s doing. Did anyone else get flashbacks to waiting for the self-timer to finally click?

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