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A Cow Gave Birth To A Perfectly Happy, Two-Headed Calf The Other Day

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When you work on a farm your whole life like Carolyn Crews, all the cows and sheep that cross your path start looking the same. But the Florida farmer recently met one calf that was a little more distinct than her brothers and sisters.

Maybe I should say two calves, since baby Annabelle has two heads. Watch as Carolyn feeds both Anna and Belle in the video below.

Annabelle”s head is a little too heavy for her body, so she can”t get up and feed from her mother just yet. That means it”s up to Carolyn to make her strong. The likelihood of a cow giving birth to a two-headed calf is one in 400 million, so let”s hope the farmer cherishes this little anomaly. From the looks of it, she definitely does.

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