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This Blind Cat Found A Loving Friend For Life At His New Foster Home

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As a kitten, Pinocchio the cat had to have both eyes surgically removed due to a severe eye infection. After being left completely blind and living in a shelter, life looked pretty dismal for poor Pinocchio. Luckily, he met a kitten who would soon become his best friend, a brother, and most importantly, his ever-present guide.

The two inseparable cats were adopted by the same family. Thanks to his new family”s love and support, Pinocchio is now doing great and loving life. However, this is really all thanks to his best friend. A friend who was aptly named Jiminy Cricket!

(source Pipsqueak Paddocks)

I was smiling through the tears as I watched this. I”m so happy these two not only found each other, but also found a loving home.

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