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They Took A Rowboat Out To Catch Crabs, But Never Expected This Killer Surprise

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Last December, Steven Sloan and a few friends took a crabbing trip to Anderson Island in Washington State. The crew were in a small rowboat when they spotted a pod of orca whales, also known as killer whales.

The group quickly pulled out their cameras to record the whales. However, after a few minutes, they noticed a couple of young orcas moving closer to their tiny metal boat. That”s when things took a turn for the terrifying.

Warning: Some NSFW language is used in the video below.

(source Steven Sloan, Reddit)

Sloan suspects that the whales were attracted by the sound of a rope being pulled along the side of the boat. Despite their nickname, orcas are fairly calm creatures around humans (unless we”re talking about the orcas of SeaWorld). The baby orcas were likely just exploring and didn”t know any better. Luckily, Sloan and his friends escaped from their ordeal unharmed and with a great story to tell.

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