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Upcycle An Old Sweater Into A Pair Of No-Sew Mittens In Just 10 Minutes

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Baby, it”s cold outside! To fight off the winter wind and snow, you need to bundle up before heading out into the world. A good pair of hand wear is a must. Instead of buying a new pair of gloves this year, why not make a unique set of mittens by upcycling a sweater you no longer wear? With this no-sew tutorial, even the less craft-inclined folks can be artists. Plus, making your own mittens will save you money for the small indulgences winter brings (a cup of hot chocolate after a trip the skating rink!). All you need is an old sweater, a permanent marker, and a glue gun. Watch the tutorial from YouTuber Andrea Brooks below, and get crafting!

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I have quite a few sweaters at home that are just slightly tattered. I”m definitely going to turn them into adorable mittens with this tutorial.

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