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15 Athletes Who Turned Out To Be Great Actors

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When youre a professional athlete, you have to go into your experience knowing one thing: your career as a player isnt going to last forever. This means that youve either got to invest your money wisely over the course of your career, or you have to prepare for a J.O.B. after sports. Each of the athletes on this list had a backup plan, and they all became actors of one form or another. Some of them will be familiar to you, and others might not be. Either way, we think these athletes are just as awesome as actors as they were as professional players. Check them out!



1. Bubba Smith

So, let us ask you a question: Do you have fond memories of watching the Police Academy movies when you were a kid? If so, then you absolutely remember the enormous and lovable Moses Hightower. Bubba Smith was responsible for bringing that character to life. He, of course, got his start as a stand out player for the Baltimore Colts, and he even has a Super Bowl ring to his name. How about that?

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