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Big Girl Yoga with Jessamyn

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When I began practicing Yoga, I noticed that many instructors could be accidentally discriminatory against students with diverse body types. I created this series to encourage everyone to be comfortable in their own skin! In my EveryBody Yoga series on @codyapp I go through 4 instructional videos and 4 flow classes, and well touch on everything from shoulder and hip opening to balance and core engagement. Larger-bodied people are just as capable of moving freely as a smaller-bodied person, and I believe that it is SO important to see a larger-bodied person completing postures and moving freely with confidence. Follow the link in my bio to watch a free preview! Also, I am very excited to teach the #mynameisnola Back to Basics workshop tonight w/ @nolatrees at @durhamyoga at 7:30pm- it’ll be an intimate late night yoga session with opportunities to work on a lot of the poses that are ass kickers despite the frequency with which they come up in vinyasa yoga- downdog, chaturanga, plank pose, etc. If you’re in the area, come by and breathe with us! Check out jessamynstanley.com/tour for more info!

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Lets be honest, we all should probably move around more. Exercise is good for your body and, however weird this might sound, for your mental health too. We know it and we keep thinking that one day well start exercising, just not today. We find all sorts of excuses not to workout. This week were too busy, next week were not feeling well, and the week after that we have that party thing planned so that would be a bad time to start a workout routine.

*CLASS SCHEDULE CHANGE EDITS BELOW!!) I was able to visit with my family today- they mean everything to me and I don’t see them nearly enough. I am so grateful for their love and support- and the older I get, the more I recognize that it’s important to seize the day and tell the people you love how much they matter. I love you guys, too- some of you became friends back when I was snapping pictures in my tiny messy living room. I hope you can feel the waves of love I’m sending all the way from the Old North State. If you’re local, come out to my Pay What You Can (PWYC) #yoga classes tomorrow- 10:30am at @HillsboroughYoga and 6:30pm at Durham’s Rock Quarry Park(*CLASS CANCELLED-6:30pm is CANCELLED SO SORRY FOR THE SHORT NOTICE YOU GUYS!!!!) Leggings- @UnderArmourWomen Sports Bra- @purelimesport Jacket- @stellamccartney x @adidas Photo by @LaurenPerlstein Styled by @rachelbalzarini Makeup by @debiedoesmakeup

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Another excuse I know I often use is that a certain kind of exercise is not very me. Karate is way too violent for me, boxing is just too aggressive and step-aerobics are way too girly and cliche. Swimming is for old people and yoga is reserved for those naturally lean, super healthy and calm people, theres no way Ill fit in, Ill be judged. These are all legitimate thoughts Ive had when considering what kind of gym class I should maybe sign up for, before I stumbled onto @mynameisjessamyn on instagram.

I’ve been running at full tilt, and the damage is beginning to show. Yesterday, after spending my day jetting around the town like a chicken with its head cut off, the lovely @sagetree suggested I take a restorative #yoga class or get a massage to relax. I never invest in relaxation- it’s a bad habit that most Americans are guilty of because our society does not encourage relaxation. Not like I have the excess money for a massage (I wish), but I definitely plan to sneak in a restorative class this weekend in an effort to simply chill the fuck out. I need to chill, because next week will kick off the beginning of a windstorm- I’ll be in NYC attending @FFFWeek & @theCurvyCon, among other things. At some point I’ll teach a class or two (you guys will be the first to know when I finalize dates/locations), I’ll turn 28 during #NYCPride, & one of my @salemacademy sisters is tying the knot. It’ll be a crazy ride- follow @jessamynstanley if you want behind the scenes shots of all the action. (The lack of chill has also effected my ability to respond to messages. I’m sorry for the delay, y’all- I wish there were just 1-3 more hours in the day so I can answer all of your questions as quickly as they deserve to be answered. But, in the short term, for everyone who has sent me an e-mail, FB message, Instagram message, Tumblr message, or tweet saying “How Do I Start Practicing Yoga?”, please know that the true answer is “ROLL OUT A MAT/BLANKET/TOWEL and JUST START. TRY @YOGAGLO, TRY @YOGAVIBES, WHATEVER. But STOP WAITING & START PRACTICING IMMEDIATELY.) Leggings- @Fractal.9 Top- @ParamitaDesigns

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This amazing lady surprised and inspired me with her pictures. She completely shattered all expectations and stereotypes I had about yoga. I thought you had to be all thin and flexible to begin with and only then you could maybe try doing yoga, but according to Jessamyn thats not the case. Jessamyn is not skinny and yet she seems to be pretty good at yoga, at least to my untrained eye. She actually calls herself a yoga enthusiast and fat femme, pretty cool, right? That title alone piqued my interested. In fact, Jessamyns instagram entranced me so much I couldn help myself but research her story and find out how she got to where she is.

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