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Bra Hacks That Every Woman Should Know

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Bra Hacks That Every Woman Should Know 1
We all have days when we wish the societys norms would change and it would be completely acceptable for women to shed their bras. Bras can be uncomfortable. I know I have days when I absolutely hate bras. Some days I cant wait to get home and just get that damn thing off of me and throw it across the room, as far from me as possible. But lets learn to differentiate between the discomfort of wearing a bra thats the wrong size and just daily nuances we come across as bra-wearers.

1. Storing
1. StoringBras take up lot of space and storing them can be a problem. Its not like you can just throw them into your closet and hope for the best. Preserving their shape is important and has a direct effect on how long they will last you. The first storing hack is to hang them all up on one hanger they wont get weird folds, they wont take up much space and will be on display for you all the time. The second storing hack will work better for those of us who have a lot of bras. Just dedicate a whole drawer for bras. That way you can stack them up against each other and itll help to preserve their shape.

2. Packing
2. PackingI always have a problem with my bras when I start packing for a trip. Do I fold them? But that might damage the shape. Do I just place them neatly into my suitcase? That takes up like half of the precious suitcase space. Well, as it turns out the solution is extremely easy just get a case for your bras. Theres generally 2 kinds of cases: ones that are actually shaped like a bra and the upCase.

3. Washing
3. WashingWe know that pretty much all bras should be hand washed, but if were honest, we dont always do the right thing. Washing your bras in the washing machine, with the rest of your clothes can seriously damage them, even if you put it on the gentle cycle. If youre lazy, like me, and cant be bothered to hand wash your delicates, get yourself a Berry Ball bra washer. This simple invention will save you a lot of time and money. This way you can throw it into the washing machine and not worry about your bra twisting, stretching or getting damaged.

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