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27 Animals With Hilarious (And Adorable) Reactions To Rainy Weather

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April showers might bring May flowers, but they also make for some happy, confused, and sometimes cranky animal friends.

While some cuties love the opportunity for fresh mud pies, others would rather not step even one paw outside the house at all. To their credit, thunder can be pretty scary. Regardless of how they feel about the gloomy skies, their silly faces are always hilarious.

1. “We”re safe in here, right?”


2. “Okay…we can go back inside now.”

3. “Nope. Not happening.”

4. “This is what I get for leaving my favorite toy in the yard.”

5. He has a very refined rain palate.

He has a <em>very</em> refined rain palate.

6. “Everything is fine! This isn”t awful! I”m totally not freaking out!”

"Everything is <em>fine</em>! This <em>isn

7. These cuties don”t let a little rain dampen their date night.

These cuties don

8. “This is not as helpful as you think it is.”


10. Such bravery for someone so small.

11. “I would still rather be inside.”

12. “I guess today”s your lucky day, Mr. Squirrel.”

"I guess today

13. He”s gotta catch “em all.


14. “Yes, they are couture.”

15. “Why does this always happen to me?”

16. “I think we can go another lap!”

17. “I saved a mud pie for you.”

18. “Excuse me, my bathroom seems to have sprung a leak.”

19. “Rainy days and Mondays, y”know?”

"Rainy days and Mondays, y

20. “Let”s go find the good mud!”


21. “Great time to forget your keys. Again.”

22. “I trusted you.”

23. “What? We had to improvise!”

24. “Hurry up before we miss all the good puddles!”

25. “Don”t you just love the smell of fresh rain?”


26. “Can”t I just use your potty?”


27. “At least we came prepared.”

I”d prefer a bouquet of these cuties over flowers any day. Their snuggles last longer, and they”re much nicer on my sinuses.

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