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6 Models Over 60 Who Are Changing the Fashion Industry

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6 Models Over 60 Who Are Changing the Fashion IndustryWere starting to see faces that have experienced more in their lives, rather than trying to project some fashionista fantasy of girls before they hit puberty. With new agency Close Models, ladies beyond 80 years old are invited to join. From an industry who always seems to lust after the next youthful thing, theyve finally seemed to learn that youth can come from the inside, as well. Older women are the real role models we need, not baby-faced aliens who cant relate to any of our life experiences. Be sure to watch Ari Cohens doc on Netflix, Advanced Style, which chronicles fashionable ladies over 50, one of which is the first star of our list!

1 Iris IpfelIris Ipfel
93 year old Iris has been a fashion icon for years. A particularly striking shoot that shows just how much style really matters over vanity, would be her shoot next to the Victorias Secret angel, Karlie Kloss. Most people would wither in the presence of the angel and disappear in the shot, but Iris managed to dominate it fully, making Karlie have to work hard as well! Iris has also been the face of Alexis Bittar.

2 Jackie OShaughnessyJackie OShaughnessy
This 63 year old American Apparel model defies all stereotypes about age by working with this infamously provocative company. She represents a gorgeous generation about models who dont care about people judging their age instead, they take their lives with a newer, and fresher freedom. She doesnt try to hide her flowing white locks, but embraces them, and looks like an ethereal fairy in the process.

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