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Emmy Awards 2015: The Most Memorable Moments

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Emmy Awards 2015- The Most Memorable Moments 12015 Emmys were amazing. There were a lot of memorable moments and funny jokes wed like to discuss. Lets start with the host. Andy Samberg got to host the Emmys this year, and I think he did an excellent job!
Emmys are not that easy to organize. Youre required to make it funny, but you cant make it too racy. Its a thin line to walk. On one hand, if you follow all the rules the show will be predictable and boring, but, on the contrary, you dont get the freedom just to break all the rules. Andy Samberg did an excellent job balancing that line. He made the show funny and exciting. His jokes ranged from funny skits to hilarious one-liners.

Emmy Awards 2015- The Most Memorable Moments 2His opening song was all too relatable, with all these shows and not enough time to watch them. Props to Andy for continuously managing to divert peoples attention to issues of racism and gender equality with his jokes. He ended his opening number by making a joke that the-the thing that makes him qualified to host the Emmys is that he watched every damn show, and hes white.

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